Precious Metal Investment

Dear Commodity Market Investors, in the year 2023, it’s important to take a look at the long-term outlook for some of the most important commodities in the market: Gold, Silver, and Natural Gas. The signs in 2023 are actually pointing to an increase. Traditionally, investors take refuge in gold and other precious metals when inflation threatens […]

Cryptocurrency trading in 2023

Cryptocurrency trading has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, with countless individuals seeking to profit from the volatility of digital currencies. However, success in this highly competitive market requires more than just intuition or luck. This is where backtesting comes into play as a crucial factor for traders to consider. Backtesting involves using historical data […]

Blackstone Resources AG

Imagine a world where the air is clean.
One day, all cars will run on electricity from sustainable, renewable energy sources. To make this vision a reality, we need better battery technology and more battery materials. We need to build a supply chain that extends from resource extraction to finished battery cells. That’s exactly what we’re working on at Blackstone Resources.

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