"long-term capital appreciation"

Alternative Capital Investments

Have been a key component in the allocation of large assets for decades. Every asset should include private equity with more performance. Just like stocks. But a direct comparison shows that private equity funds have averaged an annual return of 11% after costs since 2001 – five percentage points more than the global equity index. Experience supports success. Well thought-out strategies and, in particular, the choice of the right funds or investments have an enormous influence on the overall return.

Why choose private equity?

Private equity is an investment mandated by the financial markets that invests in unlisted companies with high potential and finances them at different stages of their development. You diversify your investments through a combination of medium- to long-term financial performance, anchoring in the real economy and positive social impacts.

Our expertise

Our private equity specialists provide you with access to diversified solutions and assist you in identifying solutions that meet your beliefs and needs in terms of return, risk, diversification and time horizon. All our funds fulfil a common goal: to meet the current challenges with resilient strategies, to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and at the same time to achieve a positive impact.

Investment opportunities away from the stock markets

In view of declining return expectations in traditional asset classes and the prevailing uncertainties in the market, we believe it is becoming increasingly important for investors to consider exposure to the private markets. Just as with equities, the same applies to private equity.

Convince yourself at this point of the comprehensive alternative capital investments we offer. 

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