Haltiner Family Office & Partners are committed to treating their employees, advisors and the communities around them fairly and ethically. For more information on our policies, see the Codes and Ethical Documents listed below.
Royce I. Haltiner

All business activities of Haltiner Family Office are conducted in a manner that ensures the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and the community while protecting the environment. Our company will make every effort to conduct its activities in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Haltiner Family Office will always conduct its business with the protection of the environment as the main goal. The goals of Haltiner Family Office to protect the environment are:

  • meet or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements for environmental management and protection and, where these are absent or insufficient, apply standards of best practice to ensure that the environment is protected;
  • within HFO the responsibility of their employees or contractors for the protection of the environment is to be preserved
  • regular review of the business activities of Haltiner Family Office to determine and evaluate the environmental impact associated with these processes; and establishing and maintaining management systems, programs and procedures to protect the environment, including controlling waste that could harm the environment.
  • All aspects of environmental performance must be reported to senior management.

Haltiner Family Office is committed to the health and safety of all employees. HFO will work to eliminate unsafe practices and behaviors that can cause accidents, injury or illness to employees, contractors, visitors or the public. Our company strives for an injury-free workplace. The primary objective is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for HFO employees, contractors and visitors. The goals of the Haltiner Family Office in ensuring health and safety are:

  • compliance with all legal obligations; provide adequate resources to establish and maintain safe systems of work; maintain health and safety literacy and integrate health and safety requirements across all business areas; ensure that all incidents are reported and thoroughly investigated,
  • to avoid similar injuries; continuously improving performance through innovative technology, education and good management practices; provide employee health and safety training; cooperation only with contractors,
  • who strive for the same health and safety standards as HFO; and promoting a positive health and safety culture based on the principle that all incidents are preventable.
  • All managers, supervisors and contractors are responsible for the health and safety of their areas.
  • All employees are required to follow the rules for safe and healthy operations, report hazards to their supervisors and always report any injuries occurring to themselves or others.

Confidentiality is a key feature of an efficient and successful business. Employees have a duty to protect proprietary, commercial and other confidential information for Haltiner Family Office. This confidentiality obligation applies even after an individual's employment with HFO has ended.

  • Information about HFO's activities, results, strategy or plans that is not generally available may only be used for authorized purposes.
  • This includes not sharing confidential information with other business units within HFO or using the information provided for any other purpose without prior written permission.
  • Confidential information must be handled with care - communicated and not disclosed outside of the HFO without proper authority.
  • All contracts entered into by Haltiner Family Office with clients, consultants and contractors should contain appropriate confidentiality clauses designed to protect Haltiner Family Office's confidential information.
  • Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that appropriate precautions are taken to protect sensitive and confidential information.

An annual review of the Code is conducted to ensure that the Code continues to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Management and employees of Haltiner Family Office are encouraged to report any difficulties or non-compliance with the Code (including any inconsistencies between the Code and HFO's business objectives) to senior management at Haltiner Family Office. This will help ensure the Code's effectiveness and will indicate which parts of the Code can be improved.

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