Indiana, USA
Handling Hazardous Waste Materials in Water
MobilE Units
Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment at Oil Well Sites
Gas Infused Water Purification Plants
(Treatment Facilities)
Large void and a great demand for a hazardous
wastewater and sludge handling facility

Gas Infused Water GIF

Fix installed operation where clients deliver contaminated water in tanks for purification. Separates hydrocarbons from wastewater. System easily adaptable to other gases for alternative results.


Purification Of Industrially Polluted Water



Chlorine Dioxide
Water Treatment


wastewater flowing from
ground during drilling


produced on-site
with mobile unit


11.500 barrels of water
with 10 ppm of C1O2

Purification Of Industrially Polluted Water

Tested with Industry: Major companies in Oil & Gas Sector, Soap Producers, and Industrial Laundry Service Companies – Lack of Wastewater Treatment Facilities


Mobile Chlorine Dioxide Units

Oil Well Service Clientele – Purchases Mobile Units. Estimated need for 100 Chlorine Dioxide Units in Texas Permian Basin; we expect to supply at least one-half of this demand.



Fixed Installation of Treatment Plant with Gas Infused Water

Located site for first fixed installation of treatment plant with Gas Infused Water in Indiana, having 4 separate treatment lines. Large Growth Opportunity across specific industries. Capacity to process over 1M gallons of hazardous wastewater and sludge per week.


Cyprus, 100% Owned

Extraction, bottling and
distribution of water,
primarily in 20-litre
tanks for the local market

Package Sizes

from 0.5-litre bottles to 25,000-litre “Flexitanks” providing pure and healthy drinking water to single households, offices and capabilities for entire communities
State of the Art plant
and bottling equipment
Planned Expansion and Export to Asian Markets thanks to strategic geographic location close to the Suez Canal.

Oregon, 100% Owned

Unlimited Artesian Water Source
Marketing to Las Vegas and Convenience Stores in California
AQUA Chem Distiller with a capacity of 1,000 gallons per hour
Operate Corporate-owned fleet of trucks for national delivery (USA)
Option to apply 20 hp pump to increase flow to 275 gallons per minute during 8 hours in each 24 hour period
Naturally high pH content of 9.1+ lends itself for the preparation and distribution of specialty health and sports drinks


6,000 Sq Meter State of The Art Bottling Plant and Warehouse

1,200 – foot deep well delivering;
114 gallons water per minute on natural pressure;
Four Automated bottling lines for 0.5 litre PET
up to 5 – gallon re-usable tanks