"A Comprehensive And in-Depth"

Wealth Management

An intelligent asset management strategy is based on three pillars: diversity, sustainability and flexibility. Haltiner Family Office experts support you in managing these pillars. You receive a detailed report on a regular basis. It provides information on performance, the current composition of the asset components and the income generated from the asset.

"long-term capital appreciation"

Wealth planning, tailor-made and geared to your needs.

Our specialists serve clients with complex asset structures that require exclusive special solutions. As an interdiscipli- nary center of excellence, our experts with many years of experience bring their comprehensive and in-depth wealth management expertise to bear. We advise on topics such as liquid assets, alternative investments, venture capital, funds and investment preferences.

Broad diversification with a long-term goal"

Our Experts, have the experience and results-driven mindset.

You are looking for a solution that focuses on broad diversification and includes active risk management. In other words, you rely on the source of returns “strategic diversification”. We offer you a robust portfolio that invests in global fixed income and equity markets and is thoroughly reviewed on an ongoing basis. In doing so, we pursue a holistic approach, closely monitor the markets, anticipate trends and opportunities and develop individual solutions. 

“We take a holistic approach, closely monitor the markets, anticipate trends and opportunities, and develop customized solutions. In this way, we protect the assets entrusted to us and create optimal conditions for their long-term growth at an appropriate level of risk. Our profound analysis of opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses forms the basis for your well-considered investment.

"Long-term capital appreciation"

Long-term oriented, liquid, multi-asset, multi-strategy management solution.

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    Wealth Structuring

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    Wealth Stewardship

" The Process "

Working with us is really easy for you. Your personal contact: analyzes the current situation of your assets very discreetly and relieves you of a large part of the work, while you always keep an overview. An adjustment that is possible at any time guarantees security and compatibility with your needs. Convince yourself at this point of the comprehensive asset management process that we offer you.

1. Fill out the form

Nice to meet you - please take the time to fill out the form so that we can prepare as best we can for a discreet initial consultation.

2. Discreet initial discussion

You have specific goals and wishes, we will respond to your wishes. When we get to know each other for the first time, we will clarify whether and how we can help you with our services.

3. Strategy Talk

In a final strategy meeting, we discuss the process, the concept and the approach to working together for your personal portfolio. It starts!

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