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Haltiner Family Office


We are a young, leading single- family office and independent investment firm with more than 35 years of experience in global asset management. As long-term investors, we aim to channel capital into the real economy in a way that improves the state of our planet. 


Our leadership team of dedicated & dependable staff, are experts in a wide range of financial practice areas. Whether you’re an individual investor, private client, or a corporation, we have the experience and results-driven mindset that you need on your side.


Flexible financial firms are based on a core investment philosophy, and our firm is no different. Excellence and quality are always at the forefront of our family office. The excellence and quality we provide is based on core principles and values such as our integrity, our financial professionalism, the entrepreneurial approach we take to our financial solutions, and the responsibility we take for our family office and client’s.

We are conservative enough to stick to the tried and tested, yet forward-looking enough to take into account the constant innovations on the investment markets and incorporate them into our portfolio design. As technology are changing our world. Radical innovations lead to radical changes & this also applies to the needs of people like you and your assets.


Our customers include wealthy private individuals, successful entrepreneurs and institutional investors in the Dach Region, Europe and America. We value the long-term relationships with our clients, who appreciate our competence, professionalism and "can do" attitude.


Acting in partnership is a principle that we have deeply rooted in our business model: in our advice, our offer and our remuneration. Thanks to the strong network, we receive exclusive mandates, sustainable projects and value-oriented investment offers, which are not available in this form on the open market.

"Leonardo da Vinci"

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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